Container image creation tool

CEKit helps to build container images from image definition files with strong focus on modularity and code reuse.


Image descriptors

Define container images in YAML format which is easy to read and parse!

from: ""
name: "ubi8/openjdk-8"
version: "1.10"
description: "Source To Image (S2I) image for Red Hat OpenShift providing OpenJDK 1.8"

See the OpenJDK image for full example.

Image testing built-in

It's easy to write tests for your container images.

Scenario: Check that common labels are correctly set
    Given image is built
    Then the image should contain label version
    And the image should contain label name
    And the image should contain label io.openshift.s2i.scripts-url with value image:///usr/local/s2i

By default we support multiple test steps. If that's not enough you can write your own too!


Module descriptors define building blocks for container images.

Compose images out of modules. Store them on GitHub, share and reuse them between your images!

Getting started

The easiest way to get started with Cekit is to follow our getting started guide. If you hit any problems, just open a ticket!

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