CEKit 3.0.0 released

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Phew, that was quite some work, but we made it finally! We’re very happy to announce immediate availability of CEKit 3.0.0!

Before we dive into details we would like to thank following people for their help on the release (no particular order)

It also a great time to thank David Becvarik, previous CEKit project leader, for his dedication to make CEKit a better project 👏 Thank you and good luck in your new role!

Major changes

The CEKit code base was updated in almost every place of it. There are however some changes which make the 3.0 experience different from the 2.x.

We can find three major changes compared to 2.x releases:


We talked about CLI changes in one ouf our previous blog posts. We use now a different CLI framework. This let us clean up the CLI and place parameters only where they belong. This means that it’s now important where you specify parameters. Use --help if you are lost.

Modules are applied as separate layers

Instead of smartly merge all modules, these are now applied one by one. You can read more about this new approach and reasoning behind the change in our yesterday’s blog post.

New documentation

One of the biggest effort was to rewrite documentation. A project without good documentation is useless. We hope now that our new documentation will make it easier to use this project. This is not the end. Documentation will be extended with every new release. You can help too! We welcome any contributions!

How to get it?

Please follow our installation instructions documentation. If you want to use RPM packages to install CEKit, these are already built but these may not be still available in the repositories because of the Fedora release process. You can find links to updates below where you can find appropriate builds in case you want to install them directly.

Is 2.x still supported?

Generally speaking: no.

CEKit 2.x is not maintained anymore and all development work is now focused on 3.x.

In case you use 2.x we recommend to upgrade to 3.0 as soon as possible. If this is not feasible to do immediately, you can still use 2.x, but we do not plan to release any new versions of 2.x. Images built in CEKit 2.x and CEKit 3.x should be compatible (as long as you don’t use features that were dropped). These images use different Dockerfile to build the image, but the result should be the same.

If you find a critical error in 2.2.7 release (latest 2.x version), let us know. If we agree with you that this may expose our users to serious issues, we may prepare a new 2.x release. Please bear in mind that this is an exception from the rule.

Get in touch!

If you have questions, feel free to join our new #cekit IRC channel on Freenode. You can always open a ticket with us.