CEKit 3.4.0 released

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After almost a month after last release we have now a fresh one that just came out! Let me introduce CEKit 3.4.0 which is focused on adding support for multi-stage builds.

You can read the full changelog on GitHub.

Multi-stage build support was added

Although the support for multi-stage builds is already baked, please consider this a tech-preview feature until 3.5 is out. If you are interested in multi-stage builds, we encourage you to test this feature and report all issues you will find.

Multi-stage builds are a way to build container images without the need to install all the specific build-time dependencies required to build your application you want to run in the container.

A great general introduction to multi-stage builds can be found in the Docker documentation.

CEKit 3.4.0 documentation lacks information about multi-stage builds due to the tech-preview nature of this feature. Please refer to the next development version (3.5) documentation: https://docs.cekit.io/en/develop/

You can find our guide to multi-stage build support in CEKit in the development version of the documentation.

A real-world example can be found in CEKit repository. We use it for integration testing as well and it is mentioned in the above documentation too.

OSBS builder improvements

Besides multi-stage builds other two feature that were added are related to the OSBS builder. Both are related to the CI/CD usage of CEKit.

  1. Allow for non-interactive builds with --assume-yes switch,

  2. Allow for sync with dist-git repository without triggering the build with --sync-only switch.


This release is immediately available on PyPI. Packages were built for Fedora and EPEL too.

Latest packages submitted for particular Fedora or EPEL versions can be found always in Bodhi. Besides this you can always see latest CEKit builds in Koji.