CEKit 3.6.0 released

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This is another minor CEKit release. It contains fixes for a few bugs reported as well as some general improvements. You can see full release notes here. Below you can find highlights of this release.

Alpine Linux support

Alpine Linux support was added. Even before you could base on Alpine Linux image, but this time you can also install packages using the APK package manager. Please give it a try if you like this distro and let us know if you find any issues.

Here is a sample image definition that uses this feature:

name: "alpine-image"
version: "1.0.0"
from: "alpine:3.10"
description: "Some Alpine image"

    manager: apk
        - python3

Overrides processing fixes

A few bugs were found when processing overrides, especially in the packages and osbs sections. Merging of the packages section was rewritten and it should be possible now to override content sets properly.

Better support for ref key in Git resources

The Git resource ref key can handle commit hashes or tags as well. Previously only branches were supported.

        - git:
            url: https://github.com/cekit/example-common-module.git
            ref: eed03bf98ecef55b41c914a47b95fc78cf09fbb7


This release is immediately available on PyPI. Packages were built for Fedora and EPEL too.

Latest packages submitted for particular Fedora or EPEL versions can be found always in Bodhi. Besides this you can always see latest CEKit builds in Koji.