CEKit 3.8.0 released

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To celebrate the start of 2021 we have another minor release which adds some important features and has one user-visible change.

You can see full release notes here. Below you can find highlights of this release.

OSBS Enhancements/Changes

  1. Instead of previously downloading, caching the artifact in the build environment and usng the lookaside cache, builds using OSBS will now instead add a direct link to fetch-artifacts-url.yaml.

  2. Builds that use the redhat flag will now add the artifact description as a comment to the fetch-artifacts-url.yaml file.

Cachito Integration

Extra configuration for Cachito maybe be passed in via the OSBS descriptor. This allows CEKIt to use the Cachito integration within OSBS as described here.


This release is immediately available on PyPI. Packages were built for Fedora and EPEL too.

Latest packages submitted for particular Fedora or EPEL versions can be found always in Bodhi. Besides this you can always see latest CEKit builds in Koji.