Upcoming changes in CLI

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As part of CEKit 3.0 development we spend some time on reviewing existing 2.x code. Many areas were identified where an of improvements were identified and some of them were already adjusted! We plan series of blog posts about most important changes that will be part of CEKit 3.0. This is the first one. One of the parts that was under heavy review was the CLI itself. We found that the CLI was bloated and the usage was not clear at all.

CEKit 2.2.7 released

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A fresh bugfix 2.2.7 release is now out! One of our users found two issues related to artifact handling in the OSBS builder. See changelog below for issue details. CEKit 2.2.7 is immediately available for upgrade. Changelog Artifacts are not downloaded from unsuccessful builds in Koji, #415 Handling artifacts that specify target has been fixed in the OSBS builder, #414

Welcome to our new website!

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It took quite some time to prepare it, but we finally made it! Welcome to the official CEKit website. You can expect to have the latest information related to the project available on this blog. The CEKit team will try to feed you with articles and guides to make the use of the project more pleasant. Besides this you will exactly know what’s cooking next in the development branch.