CEKit 3.2.0 is out!

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Here we are with the next 3.2.0 release! This is generally a bugfix release with some additional usability improvements. Full changelog can be found here, below you can see highlights of this release. Better macOS support As part of development we added support for executing tests on macOS platform in our CI. This should make the macOS experience better. In the future we plan to make CEKit installation easier on this platform as well.

CEKit 3.1.0 released

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After 3.0.0 release we decided make our release cycle faster. We’re not afraid of new version numbers, you shouldn’t be too 😏 From now on you can expect new minor releases come out faster. These will be less feature-packed but on other hand this will let us shorten the time between a bug/feature report and the release containing the fix. Above introduction would be meaningless without a release, so here it is!

CEKit 3.0.1 released

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After initial 3.0.0 release we’ve done earlier this month we’ve gathered feedback and we found that some issues warrant a new bugfix release. Changes Learn more below about these fixes. Fixes in packages and modules installation in overrides In case packages or modules were defined only in overrides (the main image descriptor did not have any mention of packages or modules), these were ignored. This was fixed and now you can have a pretty much empty image descriptor and define your content in modules only.

CEKit 3.0.0 released

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Phew, that was quite some work, but we made it finally! We’re very happy to announce immediate availability of CEKit 3.0.0! Before we dive into details we would like to thank following people for their help on the release (no particular order) Jonathan Dowland; bug reports, testing, feedback Ken Wills, testing, feedback Nick Cross; contributions David Ward; testing, feedback It also a great time to thank David Becvarik, previous CEKit project leader, for his dedication to make CEKit a better project 👏 Thank you and good luck in your new role!

CEKit 2.2.7 released

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A fresh bugfix 2.2.7 release is now out! One of our users found two issues related to artifact handling in the OSBS builder. See changelog below for issue details. CEKit 2.2.7 is immediately available for upgrade. Changelog Artifacts are not downloaded from unsuccessful builds in Koji, #415 Handling artifacts that specify target has been fixed in the OSBS builder, #414