CEKit 3.11.0 released

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This minor CEKit release contains several improvements, compatibility changes and some important bug fixes. You can see full release notes here. Below you can find highlights of this release.

Colour output

It is now possible to disable colour output which is useful within CI environments.


For working with OSBS and URL based artifacts it is now possible to restrict to a set of acceptable domains for files to be added to fetch_artifacts_url (instead of the lookside cache) via the fetch_url_domains configuration option.

Extra Dir Changes

The method how extra_dir contents are copied has changed so that it will now copy the entire directory instead of just the contents. Further it now provides the ability to add COPY instructions to the Dockerfile and clean up contents from prior runs.

Cachito Fixes

Missing WORKDIR and incorrect locations for instructions within the Dockerfile have been resolved.

Multi-stage build fixes

Various fixes when using OSBS together with multi-stage builder images have been added.

Microdnf Compatilbility

Prior releases of CEKit added install_weak_deps to the default microdnf flags which is not compatible with earlier versions of microdnf (such as those used in ubi7). Therefore package_manager_flags has been added to allow users to override the default flags for those using legacy microdnf.


This release is immediately available on PyPI. Packages were built for Fedora and EPEL too.

Latest packages submitted for particular Fedora or EPEL versions can be found always in Bodhi. Besides this you can always see latest CEKit builds in Koji.